Father’s Day

Dressed to Drill By Kate Carlisle: Review/Giveaway/Father’s Day Guest Post

by Cynthia Chow
& Kate Carlisle

Contractor Shannon Hammer can’t deny that attending a Hollywood movie premiere is exciting, especially when the blockbuster action movie is based on a book written by her boyfriend MacKintyre Sullivan. But Shannon is anxious to return home to Lighthouse Cove and resume her construction company’s latest project: renovating the Northern California Lighthouse Church into an art museum. It’s a big project, and she welcomes the help of the film crew’s lighting director Buck Buckner who just happens to have family living in the town.

Father’s Day Short Story: Until Our Time Comes

by William Cass

Peggy made the turn onto M-90 just past the hamlet of Johnsondale and started the final slow incline up the mountain. She’d begun the drive from San Diego before dawn; without traffic or delays, it was a little over six hours to Sequoia National Forest’s closest entrance and another twenty minutes or so past it to the cabin her father used to rent across from Ponderosa Lodge at the top of the mountain. It had been fifteen years since she’d last visited her father and his longtime partner, Juanita, there, but the tunnel of trees, rock outcroppings, stream crossings, and occasional meadows along the ascent were still familiar. There were no other cars on the road as she drove through the freckled shadows in the clean mid-October light.

Sprinkles of Suspicion By Kim Davis: Review/Giveaway/Father’s Day

by Kathleen Costa &
Kim Davis

It’s Huntington Beach, California. Emory Martinez is a “9 to 5” number cruncher, but her passion is cake decorating. With several “you’re so talented” comments and blue ribbons at the Orange County fair, she dreams of opening her own bakery one day specializing in cupcakes with unique designs and flavors. Now, on weekends, she works with her twin sister Carrie with her party planning and catering business. Carrie is older by only a few minutes, married, and has twin girls herself, but she has a meticulous, detail-oriented, and frustratingly self-absorbed manner.

Bleeding Tarts By Kirsten Weiss: Review/Giveaway/Recipe

by Cynthia Chow
& Kirsten Weiss

In a sugar-fueled bout of optimism, Valentine Harris doubled the staff of her new California coastal Pie Town shop. The future of her business depends on landing Silicon Valley’s Bar X as a client, with the first step being the pies she and her piecrust specialist Charlene McCree are providing for the Old West ghost town’s pie-eating competition.

The Lords’ Prayer: A Mystery Short Story

by Josh Pachter

The block lettering on the pebbled glass door read “Daniel Lord, Psy.D.” The white-haired janitor fitted his master key into the lock and turned it until he heard the heavy metal bolt slide free. He pulled the key loose and slipped it into the hip pocket of his baggy coveralls, then twisted the doorknob, swung the door open and trundled his wheeled trash barrel ahead of him into the doctor’s waiting room.

Recipes & Mystery Book Giveaways For Father’s Day

by Karen Rose Smith,
Mary McHugh &
Barbara Ross

This week we have some more recipes from mystery novels, and this time we were looking for some great recipes for your Father's Day dinner! We have one from Silence of the Lamps by Karen Rose Smith, and one from Bossa Novas, Bikinis, and Bad Ends by Mary McHugh, and finally one from Fogged Inn by Barbara Ross. We will also be giving away copies of Silence of the Lamps and Fogged Inn (we just gave away a copy of the other book last week.) Details at the end of this post on how to enter to win, and a link you can use to purchase the books.



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