Family Healing Center

Family Healing Center: “F” is for Family

by Steve Wright

I had somewhat of a difficult time deciding what to write about this month. There are so many things going on in our society that are disturbing and worthy of commentary. I am actually pretty tired of all the political discourse, so I have decided to stay away from that subject for the time being. The shooting of the Republican members of Congress at the yearly baseball game practice is a new low for violence associated with this political discourse. I am thankful all those who were shot will recover, and I pray for healing for all involved. I also pray that people can begin to see their way through the muck and the mire and begin to work together for the betterment of our great country.

Family Healing Center: Prevention is the Key

by Steve Wright

I took February off from writing an article as it was a busy month all the way around and our fundraising effort in February took a great deal of time. I spent a good deal of time talking about the impact of child abuse of every kind on our children, families and our society. It breaks my heart every time I talk about it because I have a difficult time with the realization that there are actually people out there who would and do victimize our children.

Family Healing Center: Senate Bill 18 – The Children’s Bill of Rights

by Steve Wright

One of the things I make sure I do is keep up with as much of the legislation that has some kind of impact on children and the family. It is interesting to see that no matter what piece of legislation comes out, there is a polarizing political effect. One side says it’s good, the other side says its bad, and each has a bucket load of evidence to substantiate their claim. This is usually because from the inception the issue is partisan.

Family Healing Center: Did California Decriminalize Prostitution for Minors?

by Steve Wright

I am sure your face looks like mine did the first time I was asked this question, which was just a few days ago. As much as I try to keep up with the laws in California and across the nation, I am sometimes surprised when I am asked about certain laws being passed that I am not aware of. So, of course when I was asked a question to which I did not know the answer (and thought I was being pranked), I set out to find the truth. Once

Family Healing Center: Be a Proper Steward of Children

by Steve Wright

Last month I spoke about the epidemic of child abuse and sexual assault in our society. I hope the information was valuable and made sense to you. I know statistics can be a little boring to look at and read, and I know there are those who do not really put much trust in statistical information. I also realize there are probably those who may not believe this conduct really occurs.

Family Healing Center: Did you Know?

by Steve Wright

Our children today are suffering from a tremendous, but hidden epidemic. That epidemic is child abuse, neglect, and sexual assault. Throughout my law enforcement career I have seen and heard many things that I once believed came only from the darkest depths of our society. Those things that no one wanted to talk about, think about, or believe, was going on right under our noses.

Breaking the Silence to Heal Family Violence

by Steve Wright

Founder Dr. Margie Jessen DNP and Co-founder Steven H. Wright, retired Chief of Police for the city of Reedley, created the Family Healing Center (FHC) in 2007 with the purpose of providing a holistic abuse center for victims of violent crimes focusing on sexual and physical abuse as well as assisting women and children who witness abuse. In the past, victims of rape, child abuse, and sexual assault endured being interviewed by multiple organizations and agencies, throughout the investigative process.

Finding Hope at Family Healing Center

by Tom Sims

Everything is pretty low-key at Family Healing Center. That is by design. Even the name is designed to protect the dignity and privacy of a specialized group of clients. People come to Family Healing center because more than their bodies need healing–they have been hurt at much deeper levels. In most cases, they have been wounded by someone they loved or trusted; they have been violated and they have been betrayed.