Is Facebook the New Alternative to Traditional Therapy?

by Christine F. Anderson

For better or worse, whether you are “on” it or not, there's no escaping Facebook. And while there are plenty of good reasons to use it, there are also some interesting themes arising that speak to the organic process of human experience. So, for all its pros and cons, let's not overlook Facebook's ability to work therapeutic wonders. It really is a fascinating study in human nature.

Rescue Success Stories: A little dog…a not so little Facebook Page

by Celeste Thibault

Rescue Success Stories: A little dog…a little Facebook Page. Five and a half years ago, a four-week-old Chihuahua mix puppy stole my heart. She needed to be rescued and she picked me, a chance meeting, when she crawled onto my lap and into my life. We named her CC Rider and she became the perfect little companion to her two brother dogs, Wiley, a then 12 year old German Pinscher, and Evil a one year old Chug that had been rescued from a ‘give away’ situation in a parking lot six months earlier.

The Walls of Bitterness

by Christopher Lewis

I was reading over people's statuses on Facebook lately and was amazed at how much hate and bitterness I saw. I read statements by conservatives expressing their disdain of liberals, statements by liberals expressing their disapproval of conservatives, statements by independents claiming the moral ground over both parties, Christians talking down on non-Christians, non-Christians talking down on Christians, and the list goes on...

Police Making Use of Social Networks

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Just like the rest of the world, police departments have started taking advantage of social networks to communicate with the public. Big cities across the country like Philadelphia, New York and Chicago have been on Facebook for awhile now. Fresno has had a Facebook page since 2009, and now many of our own smaller towns are jumping on board as well, with Reedley being one of the first of the smaller towns in this area.