Rogue Festival Teaser Show

by Terrance Mc Arthur

Yes, folks, it’s time for Fresno’s Rogue Festival, ten days of music, dance, confessional stories, and cheerful insanity…and it’s cheap, too (Show tickets are $5 and $10, plus a $3 festival-funding wristband). Thursday night was the kickoff event, the Rogue Teaser. Thirty solo performers and groups gave two-minute previews to a large and rowdy crowd, like a commercial break on a cable channel, with Blake Jones and Jonathan Hogan as the jovial hosts.

Great Food Search: Bullfrogs Bar & Grill

by Terrance Mc Arthur

If you have the opportunity to go to Bullfrogs Bar & Grill at Riverland near Kingsburg…jump at the chance! Hop to it. Do it before you croak.
Hidden on the south bank of the Kings River, within leaping distance of Highway 99, this Mid-Century Modern restaurant/bar/entertainment center turns out some unbelievable food. Chef Julian puts his style into everything he serves.

Rogue 2015

by Lorie Lewis Ham

This marks the 14th year of the Rogue Festival in Fresno and there are a lot of new things, a lot of favorite returning performers and venues, and just a great week of interesting and diverse shows. Over the next couple of weeks, we at KRL will be featuring articles about some of the performers coming to this year's Rogue, and once it gets underway you can expect reviews, and maybe some video interviews. Dates for this year's Rogue Festival are February 26-March 7, 2015.

Full Circle Brewing Company: Beer, Wine & Entertainment

by Kathy Eide Casas

enny Young, owner and managing Partner at Fresno’s infamous Full Circle Brewing Company, never dreamed he would become a ‘brewmaster’ at one of the tastiest and most eclectic tap houses around the San Joaquin Valley. Over the course of the past 14 years, the Full Circle Brewing Company has transformed from a tiny neighborhood bar to a welcoming thirst quencher for Fresno’s downtown 20-something dwellers, travelers passing up and down the 99, and their loyal regulars, who enjoy the easy atmosphere always found at Full Circle.

Basically Brandon Talk Show Moves To TV

by Lorie Lewis Ham

You may or may not know about Basically Brandon--the Valley's first late night talk show. Up until recently it could be found on CentralValleyTalk online. However, recently the show moved to TV and KRL had the chance to talk with host Brandon Delsid about this exciting move. Hopefully after this interview, if you have never watched Basically Brandon before, you will check out this fun local talk show for yourself! And if you are already a fan--be sure and catch their new episodes!