Edgar Allan Poe

Impossible Pleasures, Impossible Mysteries

by Barry Ergang

I spend every year literarily mixed up in murder. Notice I said "literarily," not “literally." Of the multitude of novels and short stories I read annually, relatively few are not of the mystery/detection/suspense variety, but then my fiction diet has always contained generous helpings of crime and mystification.

The Visual Appeal of Edgar Allan Poe

by Gary Earl Ross

For more than a century, Edgar Allan Poe has inspired artwork, plays, films, comic books, television shows, and other visual media. The forthcoming release of The Raven, in which John Cusack plays Poe on the trail of a serial killer, who uses his stories for inspiration, invites reflection on the ongoing impact of Poe on modern visual culture.

Home of The Father Of Mystery: Edgar Allan Poe

by Margaret Mendel

In the middle of the Bronx, situated on a triangular shaped spit of land named Poe Park, bordered by three busy streets, sits the last residence of Edgar Allan Poe. This month will mark the 162nd year since his death and yet this clapboard cottage still stands and is now under the custodial care of the Bronx Historical Society. In 1980 the cottage was placed on the National Register of Historical Places.