Drusilla Kehl

Annie’s Story: A Rat Tale

by Diana Hockley

Annie loved the dregs of frothy coffee – the homemade kind that you get in a long, skinny packet. Every morning, I would finish my coffee, wait for the froth to cool and then place the cup on its side in the cage. Having awakened Annie with a gentle scritch, I watched delightedly as she slowly cleaned up every skerrick of her treat. Those memories are very precious, because last week, Annie died.

The Power

by Ron Van Sweringen

The rat came every day, taking its place before Nora on the damp stone floor. The drabness of the rodent's coat melded so well with his surroundings that he sometimes disappeared even while she was staring at him.

Perious Mouse and the Wind Buggy

by Ron Van Sweringen

Perious Mouse took his seat beside Felicity Mouse, at the steering wheel of the wind buggy and flipped the tinted goggles on his flying cap down over his beady black eyes. The excitement was palpable in the barnyard and hardly a whisper could be heard from anyone except Piggy-Pig, who had managed to tip over the slop bucket in her pig pen.

Drusilla Kehl & The Illustrated Rat

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Drusilla Kehl is well known in rat circles for her art work of rats, mice and other animals. Here at KRL we have used several of her pieces to illustrate rat related stories/articles. But I knew very little about her and thought it would be fun to find out how. Hope all you rat and/or art lovers out there enjoy getting to know this talented artist a little bit more. The art throughout this article is all Drusilla's.