Holiday Blues

by Noah Whitaker

The holidays are a magical time. It is as if the glitter and twinkle of lights, the reddening of noses, and an echoed cough or sneeze all coalesce into the spirit of the season. This is the time of year I look forward to most. People tend to give a little more of themselves be it time, finances, or simple good will. Life becomes a little better.

Mental Illness Awareness Week

by Jayson Blair

As the grocery store aisles fill with candy and pumpkins begin appearing on suburban doorsteps, my mind turns to the ghosts and goblins of the month of October. Not the ones that hit the streets on Halloween. These are the ones that consume the minds of many who suffer from depression and seasonal affective disorder as night falls fast, as the leaves begin to fall, and the cool winds of winter are beating at the door of our lives.

The Highs & Lows of Spring

by Muffy Walker

In the northern hemisphere, spring, a season of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection, and regrowth conjures up images of colorful flowers, blue, sunny skies, chirping birds and butterflies flitting about the tulip beds. Spring also means longer days with almost 12 glorious hours of daylight.

Challenging Stigma

by Muffy Walker

Stigma, although powerful, does not have to be inevitable. Countries around the world are joining forces to combat stigma and its harmful effects. Anti-stigma campaigns, legislation, public education, mobilizing communities in anti-stigma efforts, and personal commitments to end stigma are all underway. Changing the belief systems of those who inflict stigma is only one aspect to producing change, the second of which is to challenge the internalized negative beliefs of the stigmatized.

Coping With the Holidays

by Muffy Walker

For some, the holiday season is a time filled with great joy, family gatherings, gift exchanges, and festive parties, but for others, it can be a time of stress, disappointment and loneliness. If you have a mental illness, the holidays may be especially unsettling, and in some cases, destabilizing.

Mental Illness Stigma—A Remaining Frontier of Discrimination

by Emily Durbin
& Sherry Walling

The ideas inherent in psychology have been around for thousands of years. In around 400 BCE, Socrates was concerned with the health and nature of the soul. The field of counseling emerged more recently, gaining traction in the 1940’s and 50’s and gaining national recognition by the creation of Division 17 by the American Psychological Association which focused on the practice and practicality of counseling psychology.