Death on Bull Path

Tumbleweed Tuesday in the Hamptons

by Carrie Doyle

They call it Tumbleweed Tuesday in the Hamptons. The day after Labor Day, when all of the summer people finally leave town and the locals can have the place to themselves. Streets stretching from Montauk to Southampton empty out and traffic thins. The only activity on the sandy beaches is the buzzing of the bees that usher in September and escort the vacationers back to their cities. Dogs are finally allowed back on the beach during the day.

Death on Bull Path By Carrie Doyle: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by Cynthia Chow

While the Labor Day tourist season is slowing down in East Hampton, New York, Windmill Inn owner Antonia Bingham still has a lot on her plate. After fleeing an abusive marriage in California, she is starting over as an innkeeper pursuing her love of cooking and catering to her wealthy guests. That’s what makes the discovery of two Wall Street bad boys murdered so troubling, as Shane Boskin and Gary DiAngelo had recently been drinking at her bar the night before.



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