Dancing with the Stars

Dancing With The Stars: Competition Round 2

by Heather Parish

Heather is going to be sharing with KRL readers each week an overview of each Dancing with the Stars episode and her thoughts! Check back each Wednesday night.

This week's round of Dancing With the Stars was 'redemption night'. Producers were so upended last fall when David Hasselhoff was sent packing the first week, all of this season’s celebs got a second chance to impress judges and viewers Monday night, before one of them gets the hook on Tuesday.

Dancing with the Stars Offers More Than Fluff

by Heather Parish

Dancing with the Stars opened its 12th Season on ABC this past week, and did so with a group of run-of-the-mill "celebrities" called “dull” by the press. Without a Tom Delay or Bristol Palin-- or even a Cloris Leachman in all her octogenarian glory-- there probably won't be a lot of headlines written about this season to boost news circulation.