Damon Johnson

Steven’s Eventful January and February

by Steven Sanchez

The year 2019 has gotten off to an epic start. These last couples of months have been very entertaining in the world of musical concerts and stand-up comedy shows that have taken place in the Central Valley so far. As the days pass more and more exciting events are being announced, and some that have been confidentially revealed to me, but I won’t say as it’ll spoil the surprise.

Damon Johnson Will Shine On at Tower Theatre

by Steven Sanchez

Singer/songwriter/guitarist, Damon Johnson, will be performing an acoustic in Fresno at Tower Theatre on Friday, February 15. He rose to prominence during the 90s-alternative boom with Brother Cane, their most notable hits being “Got No Shame,” “That Don’t Satisfy Me,” and “And Fools Shine On” which was featured in the horror film Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers.