Dachshunds: Breed Profile

by Lucille Solomon

Do you know a little dog with a deep bark (fools people all the time), a dog who rarely takes orders, but responds to requests made nicely (well, some of the time), and uses all passages and rooms like a racetrack?
If you said a Dachshund, aka a Dachsi, aka the Teckle, you are absolutely right!

Spencer, the Toy Wrangler: An Animal Rescue Adventure

by Lee Juslin

Spencer, a beautiful little Doxie, came into Dachshund Rescue of North America from a shelter. He was turned in by a young man who said he had landlord issues and that he had gotten Spencer from another person. So, though they didn’t have much information on Spencer’s past, the shelter staff could see he was a very friendly boy. They called Susie, the area Dachshund rescue volunteer, and she picked him up within two hours of his being admitted to the shelter.

Beep, Beep. Kopper the Doxie Coming Through: A Dachshund Rescue Story

by Lee Juslin

Kopper is a special needs Dachshund who, despite his challenges, is a happy, loving boy.
Susie, a regional representative for Dachshund Rescue of North America, says Kopper is adoptable, but would need a special home. After some kind of accident in his original home, the owners turned him in to rescue because they could not deal with his medical problems and needs.

Joy-Chi, Ready for a Special Forever Home: A Dachshund Rescue Story

by Lee Juslin

Susie has been a member of Dachshund Rescue of North America since 1999. Currently she is the senior rep for North Carolina as well as a leader and mentor for newer volunteers. Given her experience, Susie is well aware of the problems caused by so-called backyard breeders. So, when she took in Joy-Ci, a double dappled Doxie, as a foster, she was not surprised that the little girl was blind and partially deaf. Dappled Doxies, as with some other breeds, look like they have been splattered with paint. Joy-Ci is a mix of white, black, brown, and grey.

Deadly Forecast By Victoria Laurie

by Sandra Murphy

Abby and Dutch have been planning the new house, new focus on jobs and their marriage for a while now. It got derailed when the venue burned down and although Abby and Dutch were both tempted to elope, Abby’s sister Cat has invested so much time and money in the wedding, they feel they just can’t. Now Cat’s gone all out and found a new venue. She’s also gone round the bend in details. She’s invited everyone on Abby’s cell contact list. Nice for us to see old characters again, but Abby’s a little overwhelmed.