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by Cynthia Chow

After the death of his beloved wife, Samuel Craddock may have expected his retirement as police chief of Jarrett Creek, Texas would be days spent enjoying his art collection, sitting on his porch, and avoiding the predatory widows delivering casseroles to his door. When one of the widows, Loretta Singletary, brings news that Dora Lee Parjeter has been murdered in her own home and Sheriff Rodell has zeroed in on her grandson Greg Marcus as the killer, Craddock can’t sit idly by.


by Tess Young

Damages is a TV lawyer program that features Glenn Close, John Goodman, Rose Byrne, Ted Danson and others. It is a well thought out show with great acting and top notch actors in a dark environment. The creators of this television show have gone through some considerable effort not to center this program on the courtroom and moving from case to case. Instead, Damages is focused on blackmail and depositions, in intrigue and compromise…all outside of the courtroom.


by Sergeant Johnathan Cates, of the Reedley P.D.

The Reedley Police Department is attempting to expand its K9 program to include cross trained dogs. Our current program is made up solely of a narcotics detection dog (Baxter) and the handling officer. Cross trained police dogs are not only able detect narcotics, but can also be used as a protection dog. These highly trained “officers” have the ability to track scent trails and use force when necessary against aggressive suspects.


by Diana Bulls

Fresno true crime writer James A. Ardaiz joins us here at KRL this week for an interview, along with a review of his book, a chance to win a copy of the book (details at the end of this post) & information on his upcoming book talk at the San Joaquin Valley Chapter of Sisters In Crime on February 2, 2013.


Gangster Squad: Movie Review

IN THE January 21 ISSUE

FROM THE 2013 Articles,
andLorie Lewis Ham,

by Lorie Lewis Ham

I have been interested in the Mafia and organized crime for years now–no I’m not involved in it, I just write about it in my mystery novels. So whenever a new gangster movie comes out I’m always curious and try to go see it if the trailers make it look like it could be good. From the first trailer I saw months ago, I felt like Gangster Squad had the potential to be a good movie so we headed out to see it this weekend.


by Cheryl Senn

“Community Watch, Block Watch, Neighborhood Watch, Apartment Watch, Crime Watch – no matter what it’s called, this is one of the most effective and least costly answers to crime,” states the first lines on the Starting a Community Watch handout that is included in the Sanger Community Watch Program (SCWP) informational packet.


by Herschel Cozine

It had been over half a lifetime since I last saw Rick Houston. He had been a major force in my life once, an unwelcome interlude that I have tried hard to forget. So I wasn’t ready for the phone call. Nor was I prepared to deal with the memories that came with it. It was inevitable, I know. Rick’s strange disappearance had never been explained, and the police kept the book open.


by Theodore & Gloria Feit
& Terrance Mc Arthur

Here are a bunch of mystery/fantasy book reviews for you to consider for your 2012 reading list! Enjoy! Among them are the latest books from J.A. Jance, Ian Rankin and Iris Johansen.


by Lorie Lewis Ham

My daughter insisted we see the new Sherlock Holmes movie because of Robert Downey Jr.—she adores him and I have to say he is a favorite actor of mine as well. Originally, she was to be the one to review this movie but it would have mostly been filled with praise and adoration for him—which isn’t bad, just not really a review of the movie itself so here I am.


Calm: Original Mystery Short Story

IN THE September 17 ISSUE

FROM THE 2011 Articles,
andMysteryrat's Maze

by Dan McGuire

Calm is an original mystery short story by Bakersfield writer Dan McGuire that has never before been published.
I have never felt so calm. It’s strange, I know, with all the police business going on and the house being such a wreck, but calm is what I feel, and happy.


Ask A Small Town Cop

IN THE September 10 ISSUE

FROM THE 2011 Articles,
andMysteryrat's Maze,
andPublic Protectors

by Detective Will Knight

Welcome to a new monthly column where small town, local cop and detective Will Knight answers some of your questions about how things really work in a small town police department. He is writing this under a pseudonym to protect his identity as he often works undercover, but he has worked as a police officer in small California towns for the past ten years. If you’d like to submit a question, simply email Will at life@kingsriverlife.com with the subject line “Cop Question”.

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by Terell Byrd

Sebastian Rotella is an award winning journalist with long term experience covering Latin America and stories on international borders. Triple Crossing is his first novel but will not be the last. Rotella brings immediacy and realism to this story of crime, corruption and the people who fight the very real forces of evil in our hemisphere.

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by Marilyn Meredith & Terell Byrd

Marilyn Meredith interviews mystery author Jean Henry Mead who used to live and work in the San Joaquin Valley, and Terell Byrd reviews her latest book Murder On The Interstate. At the end of this post is a chance to win a copy of this book.


by Gail Farrelly

Bad Boy is an original mystery short story that Gail entered several years ago in Crime and Suspense Magazine. It was published along with the other entries on the website, but it didn’t win a prize.


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