by Margaret Mendel

In my mind fall is apple time. I grew up on a farm in Washington State and my most favorite thing to do in the fall was to sit in the old apple tree growing on the edge of our property when the apples came ripe. I would sit in a low-slung branch, bent like a welcoming arm and dream for hours about what I would do when I grew up. I looked into the branches overhead, listening to the gentle breeze rustling the leaves making them tickle the fat, red apples. Back then I believed anything was possible. Almost everything a Reedley Mom needs to know

by Diana Bulls

Any child can tell you that Moms know everything there is to know about anything, and Moms have been reinforcing this belief for eons. Up until now, the big file vault of Mommy information has been a well kept secret. That is all about to change. This reporter and Kings River Life are actually going to let the world know the whereabouts of a potential mom information stash!