Serving Up SpiteBy Devon Delaney: Review/Giveaway/Valentine’s Day Post

by Tracy Condie
& Devon Delaney

In book 8 of the Cook-Off Mystery series, it seems that strife and cold weather have come to the town of Augustin, Connecticut in the way of an age-old argument about progress versus tradition. As with all Sally Oliveri books, there is a new cooking contest for Sally to participate in when she isn’t solving the mystery, and wonderful recipes are shared at the conclusion of the mystery.

5 Great Legume Recipes That You’ll Never Tire Of

by staff

Legumes are highly nutritious and a great source of plant-based protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Beans and pulses make up part of the legume family, are incredibly affordable, and offer so many versatile meal plan options. They are a fantastic staple that should be a common part of your diet. Try these budget-friendly, versatile, and nutritious recipes for your next meal with your family or for a late weeknight dinner made in an instant.

Graceful Bakes: Bringing Delicious Baked Sweets to Reedley

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Earlier this year KRL wrote about a young woman named Natalie Cruz from Reedley who started her own coffee company, Zolú Café. When I attended the Reedley Farmers Market at Reedley College a few weeks ago to meet Natalie in person and finally try her coffee for myself (which is awesome by the way), I also met another young Reedley woman who had started her own business—Grace Fedor.

Clovis Culinary Center: A Food Entrepreneur’s Dream Come True

by Tom Sims

Through the years, I have followed and reported on many food entrepreneurs, people with vision, skill, talent, flair, and a great idea. Some have succeeded and some have failed. All have faced similar challenges: location, or buying equipment without having to invest more money than they have for acquisition and maintenance. But what if a common location existed for creating culinary masterpieces with adequate equipment, storage space, support, and 24-hour access?

Christmas Traditions: Tamales

by Jim Mulligan

I would imagine that not many family traditions can be traced back ten thousand years. The Gates family, like many families who trace their roots to Mexico, can do just that. Lesley Olvera Gates, her husband Tony, their two daughters Maddy and Morgan, and their extended family, continue a tradition of Christmas Eve tamale making and eating that Lesley remembers as an integral part of her earliest childhood memories—and it literally has ancient beginnings.

Cooking Together: A Real Love Story for Valentine’s Day

by Margaret Mendel

Time has an interesting way of blending the present with a bit of lingering tastes from the past. Some days when I look back and remember falling in love with my husband, it doesn’t feel like it was all that long ago. But over four decades later my feelings for him are still strong, and though it would be hard to have realized back then, my love for him has only grown stronger.

How-to Guide: How to Clean Carbon Steel Wok

by Staff

If you have a wok in your kitchen, you will agree that it is quite a fundamental tool in the cookware family. Carbon steel woks are regarded as the best kitchen tools mainly due to their ability to conduct multiple tasks. However, due to its frequent use, they tend to get dirty fast. As a result, you need to know how to clean them.