Things You Need To Know Before Going To College

by staff

Isn't it exciting to start college and experience what this new chapter of your life has to offer? While going to college sounds exciting, the real struggle begins when you don't prepare for it. Many individuals don't focus on the practical side of this journey and struggle to find a balance between studies and other areas of life. This situation can put you under severe stress, especially if you got admission to an overseas college. Apart from the typical checklist you find on your college's official website, there are other things you must know.

New, Free, Course Options Abound at Reedley College

by Jim Mulligan

Whether you are a Reedleyite or a resident of one of the surrounding towns, you know how great it is to have a community college right in our backyard. Since 1926 Reedley College has provided higher education for residents of the South Valley and beyond. Like so many of you, Reedley College is an integral part of my family’s educational history. Four generations of Mulligans are alumni; my grandmother in the early ‘40s, my parents, me, and several of my kids, all got our post-secondary start as a Tiger.

Immanuel High School Seniors Say Goodbye

by Gabby Rivas

This year has been a whirlwind for the seniors at Immanuel High School. Words are unable to express how quick it has gone by and how remarkable these four years have been. At the beginning of the year we were focused on homecoming week and football games. Now all our attention has been focused on the junior/senior banquet, grad day, the academic awards, the drama production, college visits, AP tests, baccalaureate, sober grad, and graduation.

Tips For College Students: Avoiding Identity Theft

by Hannah Murphy

Leaving home and going to college is the first step into the adult world and it also could possibly be a step toward becoming a victim of identity theft. Twelve million Americans are victims of identity theft each year, according to a study by the Javelin Strategy and Research. Among the victims, 31 percent are between the ages of 18 and 29. (CBS News) When you know the risks associated with identity theft, you can take measures to reduce your chances of becoming a victim.

RHS Seniors Talk About The Big Decision of College

by Andraya Hamilton

From the moment you start high school, college becomes a reality. What classes do you need to take, what clubs should you get involved in, and how many extra curriculars do you need are the questions you are asked repeatedly each year. But deciding where to go to college, and what type of college you want to attend is really the hardest part.

The Value of Education

by Robert Martin

As university students in a time of economic instability, we are constantly faced with the harsh reality that jobs are often hard to come by upon graduation. Stories of graduates from top schools, highly educated but jobless for their first and second years out of college have been all too common in our recent news media. This raises the question of whether it is better to seek a job directly out of college, or to go on and pursue a graduate degree in hopes that upon completion, the job market will be more welcoming.