Col Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue

Grumpy Granny is Really a Sweetie

by Lee Juslin

A senior Cairn girl, Minuet is a true Cairn princess, according to her foster mom, Linda. “She is happy when things go her way,” says Linda. “But, she growls a warning when I disturb her sleep or try to do something she is not on board with.” That’s OK with Linda, an experienced foster mom who is used to terrier-tude. However, she does sometimes call Minuet “Grumpy Granny.”

Liotta: A Happy Go Lucky Boy

by Lee Juslin

Liotta was picked up on the street by a shelter. Because he looked like a Westie or Cairn, the shelter called Col. Potter with whom they had a good relationship. But, with his rangy build, long legs, and his non-Cairn weight of twenty-three pounds, Col. Potter feels he has no Cairn in him. Nevertheless, the Cairn rescue took him in, and he went to Lynne, an experienced foster parent.

Shaken, Not Stirred

by Lee Juslin

Martini is a Cairn mix that came into Col. Potter because his elderly owners died. They had originally adopted him from a local rescue and, over the years, provided him with a loving home. Martini at about twenty-five pounds is larger than the Cairn standard and has longer legs. He is about five years old.