Col Potter Cairn Rescue

Muzzle Tuff, a Tiny Bundle of Cuteness

by Lee Juslin

When Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network sent Muzzle Tuff to Chris to be fostered, she immediately fell in love with him. “With his tiny feet and legs, he was just so cute how could anyone not love him,” said Chris. The problem was that Chris already had four dogs and she knew she could not adopt a fifth. The biggest impediment to adoption for Chris is her alpha female because she attacks Muzzle Tuff.

China, A Special Needs Cairn Terrier

by Lee Juslin

China, a special needs wheaten Cairn, presented a tough case for Col. Potter Cairn Rescue.
At nine years old, China had suffered years of neglect and abuse. Her tail was broken in several places and her sphincter muscle was damaged, both of which made elimination difficult. She was also missing the top half of her right ear and had chronic bronchitis.

911 Rescue: A Col. Potter Story

by Lee Juslin

Found and brought to a county shelter by a police officer named Swartz, she huddled in a back corner of her cage with her tail tucked firmly between her legs. The shelter staff was not even sure if she was male or female. Of course she was passed over by every potential adopter and her time was running out.