Christopher Lynch

The Loot Mystery Short Story

by Christopher J. Lynch

The 1998 Oldsmobile struggled anemically over the pockmarked dirt road, its aged frame and body parts protesting noisily with every dip and gully. Ahead, they could see a swatch of desert open up as the headlights cut through the darkness. Behind, the red taillights cast an otherworldly glow in the dust trail the tires kicked up.

Marlowe meets Mission Impossible: Good guys, bad guys, and technology in the modern crime thriller

by Christopher J. Lynch

“The killer crept slowly through the bushes towards his target. Through the windows of the house he could see lights blazing inside, indicating the victim was home. He wanted to make sure that there was no way a call for help could go out. When he reached the back of the house, he took his cutters and snipped the phone line.”



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