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children’s book

by Ellen Byerrum

Aside from one middle-grade mystery, my books have been written for adults. So why did I just write and publish my first children’s picture book? Maybe it’s a rite (or write?) of passage.


by Nancy Holley

The exploits of Penelope Pipsqueak by Wilhelmina Writerly (aka Irene Morse) were inspired by Writerly’s eldest great grandchild. “Write a story for me, GG!” was the excited request. Writerly had never written a children’s book, but the longer she mulled the idea, the more inspired she became.


by Terrence McArthur

It’s a bookstore, but why is it called Skoob?
That’s one of the mysteries Ethan faces in Skoob Revisited, a book for 2nd and 3rd grade readers, by Kathy Goosev Howell. Originally a trio of books, Skoob Revisited combines and changes them, adding new surprises to the adventure of discovery.


by Laura Sidsworth

Today at the Fresno High Flea Market, local Fresno author and community staff writer for KRL, Laura Sidsworth, will be selling and signing her two recently published children’s picture books. For the first five children to visit her booth, she will present them with a free, hard-backed, signed edition of either Spoiled Pink or The Treehouse Treasury.

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by Lorie Lewis Ham

Recently Joe Ozier of Fresno published his first book, a family and children’s book called Shea’s Lounge. It is based on the true story of an amazing dog named Shea, or as it says on the book cover, a runaway dog who found a forever home. Joe has written several plays in the past and been involved in theater and film for years. He also owns his own dog training business called Way of a Dog. Details on how to win a copy of Shea’s Lounge at the end of this post.


by Jackie Dale

The Little Marmalady is a whimsical, yet poignant story of a tiny, stray orange kitten’s journey from death’s door to living a life of privilege. Marmalady’s story is written in an easy to read, kid-friendly style that is sure to delight cat-loving readers of all ages.


by Lorie Lewis Ham

Recently I got the chance to chat with Reedley author Ginger Lee Bull. She has published several children’s picture books and just recently published a short novel.


by Terrance V. Mc Arthur

It’s a children’s book.
It’s a biographical profile. It’s a graphic novel. It’s a book on film history. It’s a mystery. It’s a thriller.

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by Terrance V. Mc Arthur

One of the first children’s novels I read when I was eight years old was Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. At that age, I thought it was a neat story about a horse. I did not know that it was not meant as a children’s book about a horse, but as a Victorian plea for the humane treatment of horses and humans. Generations read and cried over that book.


by Lorie Lewis Ham

As we find ourselves in the middle of baseball season, it seemed a good time to review a fun local children’s picture book about baseball, TimeOut’s Great Baseball Adventure. This book was written by local KPGE sportscaster George Takata and illustrated by Fresno State student Marci Thiessen; which is appropriate since it is about Fresno State baseball.

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