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by Terrance McArthur

Coagulated milk protein. Sound delicious?
Hold on! That’s cheese we’re talking about, and there are over a thousand types, each with a different combination of the animal source, its diet, added enzymes to speed coagulation, pasteurization, butterfat, and aging. The Great Food Search presents the ooiest, gooiest, cheesiest dishes we could find—How Cheesy Can You Get?

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by Sandra Murphy
& Mollie Cox Bryan

Brynn MacAlister is a cheese maker and cow lover. She’s also a soft touch for rescued animals, as her veterinarian friend, Schuyler, knows. When a Scottish Highland cow, Jewel, is in need of a foster home, she joins Brynn’s three cows. It’s pretty obvious to all, Jewel’s already home.


Rocky Oaks Goat Creamery

IN THE August 24 ISSUE

FROM THE 2019 Articles,
andMallory Moad,

by Mallory Moad

Good things come in small packages, and few people know the truth of this old saying more than Joel and Margie Weber. They’re the founders/owners/operators of Rocky Oaks Goat Creamery in Clovis, producers of a variety of unique, hand-crafted artisan goat cheeses.


by Lita Watson

Ricotta cheese has its origin in Italy. It was made from whey leftovers from the production of other types of cheese like mozzarella, and is sourced mainly from milk from sheep, cows, goats, or Italian water buffalo. Today, however, ricotta cheese can be homemade following various recipes that have been developed. It is used in dishes such as lasagna, cheesecakes, and pasta among others.


As Gouda as Dead By Avery Aames

IN THE February 14 ISSUE

FROM THE 2015 Articles,
andFood Fun,
andMysteryrat's Maze,
andSandra Murphy

by Sandra Murphy

It’s Valentine’s Day and Charlotte Bessette, cheese shop owner, is marrying artisanal cheese farmer Jordan Pace. First, however, Charlotte has to endure a bachelorette party with Deputy Devon O’Shea as the entertainment. During the festivities, Devon gets a frantic phone message regarding his uncle and the town’s beloved bartender, Tim.
The bad news is that Tim is dead and his body is on Jordan’s property, and now it’s in Charlotte’s best interests to find the real killer so she can take that walk down the aisle. Running the cheese shop is almost a distraction with all she has going on.


by Sandra Murphy

This is book five of the multi-layered wine and cheese series. Charlotte runs the local cheese shop while her cousin Matthew takes care of the other side of the business, the wine that pairs so well with cheese.


Ode To Cheese

IN THE September 21 ISSUE

FROM THE 2013 Articles,
andRodent Ramblings,
andTerrific Tales

by Pattie Yaeger

This poem is dedicated to pet rats everywhere! The artwork with it is by The Illustrated Rat, Drusilla Kehl.

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by Sandra Murphy
& Avery Aames

Just in time for last minute Valentine’s Day celebrations this weekend we have a wonderful guest post called A Love Affair With Cheese that includes a heavenly chocolate and cheese fondue recipe from mystery author Avery Adams, author of the Cheese Shop Mysteries. We also have a review of Avery’s latest book, To Brie or Not To Brie, and info at the end of this post on how to win a signed copy of one of the Cheese Shop Mysteries.


by Sandra Murphy & Lorie Lewis Ham

This week we are reviewing the latest Cheese Shop mystery by Avery Aames, Clobbered by Camembert, and going Behind The Book to find out from Avery how this book came about. At the end of the interview are details on how to win your own copy of Clobbered By Camembert.


Bored in the Kitchen? Try Spreadable Cheese

IN THE February 11 ISSUE

FROM THE 2012 Articles,
andFood Fun

by Phyllis Johnson

Have the winter blues? Don’t know what to cook anymore? Here’s an idea for you. Pick up some spreadable cheese and some of that crumbled cheese the next time you’re out shopping. There are many flavors to choose from. You can try garlic and herbs, spinach artichoke, tomato and basil, vegetable, onion and parmesan spreads. Here are a few ideas for using it.


by Marilyn Meredith & Terell Byrd

Marilyn Meredith interviews mystery author Avery Aames aka Daryl Wood Gerber, and Terell Byrd reviews her latest book in her Cheese Shop Mystery series, Lost and Fondue. At the end of this post is a chance to win a copy of Lost and Fondue & the first book Long Quiche Goodbye.


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