Cathy Perkins

The Body in the Beaver Pond By Cathy Perkins: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by Cynthia Chow

A former event planner in Seattle, Washington, Keri Isles, never expected to find herself in the Cascade Mountains saddled with a Christmas tree farm that she most definitely didn’t want and is unprepared to maintain. That’s what happens after the dissolution of her marriage and an unfair settlement with Brian the Jerk, which is why Keri Isles is determined to make a quick sale and profit off of the property. A nearby rude archeologist and trespassing students ensures that her mission is both more difficult and necessary, but said archeologist’s death in the Beaver Pond also makes it nearly impossible. Not only does Dr. Mark Grant’s on-property demise give the Christmas Tree farm less curb appeal, Keri’s confrontation with him places her high on Deputy John Searls’s suspect list.

Setting the Stage

by Cathy Perkins

I’ll never forget a New York publisher telling me eastern Washington state was an exotic location. Either she didn’t get out much or her definition of “exotic” meant a place no one has visited. Her comment did make me think about the setting for a novel, however, and how that location choice impacts the story.