Cameron Calvillo

Reedley High School Golf Team

by Cameron Calvillo

For years now, the Reedley High Boys Golf Team has brought pride back to the Pirates. And this year, when the golf courses are greener than ever, they look to do it again.
Every year since 2011, Reedley High has been the league champion in golf, except for the heart break in 2014 when Hoover claimed the title.

Sports Medicine Team at Reedley High School

by Cameron Calvillo

Just a few months ago, football season was electrifying the air at Sal Gonzalez field. People noticed the cheering crowd, the enthusiastic cheerleaders, and, of course, the players on the field. But what people may have not noticed is that mixed in among the players, coaches, water boys, and refs on the sidelines, there was a team of kids not at all focused on the score. This was the Sports Medicine Team, binding, wrapping, and tending to the wounds of the players who were injured during the game. Reedley High’s football season ended months ago, but that doesn’t mean the Sports Medicine team isn’t still hard at work.