Cambodia Travel Adventure

by Maria Ruiz

We left Bangkok early in the morning to travel the 100 miles to the border between Cambodia and Thailand by bumpy bus. Once at the border, we crossed with dozens of hand-drawn carts and trucks, all carrying goods into Cambodia. Traffic going to Thailand seemed to be just pedestrians. After clearing Thailand immigration, we had to walk about a block into Cambodia to get our visas. Along the route, large casinos lined both sides of the road, evidence of Asians’ love of gambling.

Angkor Wat

by Maria Ruiz

Siem Reap is probably the second largest city in Cambodia at this time or will be very soon. It is the modern city next to Angkor Wat. Guest houses and hotels are everywhere and more are being built daily. Large resorts line the road from the airport and money exchange shops fill in any empty space. There are two large market places in town, one for locals and one for the tourists. The smell of fish permeates markets and streets. The majority of vehicles are bicycles and motorcycles, interspersed with mototuks and minivans, carrying tourists back and forth.Finally we made it to the hotel, a very lovely place run by an English couple that specializes in tours for photographers.