Cairn Terrier

Shaken, Not Stirred

by Lee Juslin

Martini is a Cairn mix that came into Col. Potter because his elderly owners died. They had originally adopted him from a local rescue and, over the years, provided him with a loving home. Martini at about twenty-five pounds is larger than the Cairn standard and has longer legs. He is about five years old.

Conrad Deserves a Very Special Home

by Lee Juslin

Imagine being just a baby and finding yourself alone on the mean streets. This was the situation for little Conrad.
Found wandering the streets and taken in by a local shelter, Conrad was eventually rescued by Col. Potter Cairn Rescue. At only eleven pounds, heartworm positive, and just eight months old, the Col. Potter volunteers could only imagine the horrors this little Cairn had seen and experienced. He was terrified and hard to hold still for the vet to treat him.


by Lee Juslin

Marcel came into Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue Network from a puppy mill. At the time, he was about four years old.
He is now fourteen and has been in several adoptive homes. His last adopter was an elderly woman who simply got to the point where she was no longer able to care for Marcel.

Layka The Little Spitfire

by Lee Juslin

Layka, a little mixed-breed Terrier, came into Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue Network after spending time as a stray on the mean streets of a poor section of Nashville, Tennessee. Very scrawny and obviously ill, Layka had chronic, severe ear infections and a coat in very poor condition. She was also blind and deaf. In addition, she had an obvious limp.

Ride, Sally, Ride

by Lee Juslin

Julie is an in-take coordinator for Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue. As such, part of her responsibilities include maintaining contact with a number of area shelters for Cairns and Cairn mixes that need rescue. When Julie received an email from her contact at a New York City shelter, it had some heartbreaking photo attachments.

Tiggy, a Velcro Dog

by Lee Juslin

Tiggy, a young Cairn, was turned into NY/NJ Scottie Rescue when his owner lost her husband. She was overwhelmed with the loss and didn’t have the time to give Tiggy the attention he craved and was used to. The lady’s sister was a breeder and gave her a Scottie puppy hoping it would cheer her up.