Cabaret On Stage at the Selma Arts Center

by Lorie Lewis Ham

The musical Cabaret hit the Selma Arts Center stage this past weekend with a bang! The show is visually stunning and emotionally poignant. I had never seen Cabaret before so I went in mostly blind beyond knowing some of the music. After seeing this production, Cabaret is now added to my list of favorite shows.

Cabaret Presented By Visalia Players

by Nancy Holley

Cabaret, the iconic musical, opens the 61st season of the Visalia Players and the 42nd season of the Ice House Theatre. Cabaret is set in 1930s Germany as the Nazis are coming to power, but its basic themes of love, apathy, and totalitarianism are universal. Thus, over its 50-year history, the staging of Cabaret has mirrored American society at the time of the production.