C.L. Shore

Sleeping Dogs: A Mystery Short Story

by C. L. Shore

“Focus on your good qualities!” That phrase was my mother’s advice when I worried about my latest zit. She would sing a song about positives and negatives. I didn’t pay much attention to the lyrics; I was too focused on Lennon and McCartney at the time. Mom’s advice came back to me after I divorced my husband, Stan, for the second time, though. This story begins with my second divorce and my do-it-yourself makeover. The makeover’s theme: focus on the positive.

E-book Summer Mystery Reading Reviews & Giveaways!

by Diana Hockley

If you're looking for some summer e-book reading, KRL has provided you not only with some mystery & Sci-Fi e-book reviews of Sweet Tea & Secrets by Nancy Naigle, Seeker of the Truth by C.L. Shore, Choke by Kaye George and Parmenters Wager by Terri Lynn Main, but also a chance to win a copy of all 4 books! Details at the end of this article. All reviews were written by Diana Hockley.