BritBox Streaming: Scottish Gems Shetland & Karen Pirie

by Kathleen Costa

BritBox is one of my “good” vices. It’s harmless. It’s healthy. It’s highly economical. For less than a cappuccino and a scone (monthly $6.99; special annual fee $69.99), I get endless hours of entertainment from which I can choose a sitcom, detective drama, mystery, documentary, and much more set in an urban community to the countryside and all over the Commonwealth.

BritBox Streaming: Detective Duos Grace & Rebus

by Kathleen Costa

BritBox is a streaming service that completely quenches my Anglophile thirst. I had before relied on PBS stations or A&E network to see anything British, but it usually would be shows that had become iconic, popular, or were easy to purchase, and the idea of viewing the shows multiple times whenever I wanted was not an option. That was limiting. You only could watch it once, and if something took precedent, like fundraising, you would miss episodes.

BritBox Streaming: Death in Paradise & Agatha Christie

by Kathleen Costa

BritBox continues to provide hours and hours of entertainment all with a variety of accents, servings of tea, visits to local pubs, and degrees of emotions. I am fascinated by British humor in shows like the classic Open All Hours (1973-1985) and it’s sequel Still Open All Hours (2013-2019) with David Jason (A Touch of Frost) in the hilarious lead. Many dramas, first introduced to me on PBS or A&E networks, are now available for anytime viewing, binging, and rewatching like Silks, Cracker, and Silent Witness.

BritBox Steaming: Shakespeare & Hathaway, Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes

BritBox has a wide variety of shows and movies available for members at a reasonable fee (monthly $6.99; annual special $69.99). There is always something to watch for any level of Anglophile from iconic comedies, dramas, and mysteries to new, fresh out of Covid restrictions series, movies, and documentaries. It’s always exciting when current favorites, like Shakespeare & Hathaway, make it back with the cast intact, but I’m ready to “crow” when I find a gem that offers intrigue and a surprising twist, like Life on Mars and its sequel Ashes to Ashes.>

by Kathleen Costa

BritBox Streaming: Great Double Trouble Murder in Provence & Murder, They Hope

by Kathleen Costa

BritBox continues to provide excellent entertainment for this Anglophile, and all for the price of a coffee and scone (monthly $6.99; annual special $69.99). Members get access to a huge library of British and parts beyond programming varying in genre, release date, and available 24/7 online or on their app with quality audio and video on any device: computer, tablet, or phone. I personally can enjoy long-time favorites like Good Neighbors, Inspector Morse, and Mapp & Lucia along with new or returning series like Sister Boniface, Midsomer Murders, and along with Murder, They Hope, my new favorite BritBox Original Murder in Provence.

Ann Cleeves Trifecta VERA, Shetland, & The Long Call on BritBox Streaming

by Kathleen Costa

BritBox offers many programs that are actually based on novels which has sparked my interest in engaging with the author’s original vision of the characters, the setting, and the plot. From Robert Thorogood’s Death in Paradise to James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small from Ellis Peter’s Cadfael Mysteries to Georges Simenon’s Maigret from Nicholas Rhea’s Constable series (Heartbeat) and of course, not to mention all things Agatha Christie to Shakespeare, BritBox brings to the screen an excellent cast, beautiful settings, and stories that have you coming back for more…more is checking out the books! One author whose work is iconic in any form is Ann Cleeves.

A Pair from BritBox Death in Paradise & New Tricks

by Kathleen Costa

BritBox is an extraordinary streaming option for Anglophiles, and one of which I have been a member for a reasonable fee that you can choose to make monthly ($6.99) or annually ($69.99) for a discount. For several years I’ve enjoyed their extensive library, updated regularly, with access to decades-old favorites or “fresh out of lockdown” TV shows, mini series, and movies to meet my every mood: comedies, dramas, mysteries, or nail-biting police procedurals.