Boston Terrier

Turbo, A Special Needs Boston Terrier

by Lee Juslin

Turbo came into Coastal Carolina Boston Terrier Rescue (CCBTR) as a puppy with Spina Bifida, a genetic defect.
A woman went to a breeder to buy a Boston Terrier puppy and saw Turbo. The breeder did not want to euthanize him and agreed to give him to the woman along with the female puppy she had purchased. Fortunately for Turbo, this good Samaritan, unlike the breeder, was a responsible person and did the right thing for Turbo. She called CCBTR once she realized she and her husband were not able to care for this little special needs puppy.

Skippy: From Rescued Dog to Therapy Dog

by Lee Juslin

When Jack adopted a little Boston Terrier from a local rescue, Boston Brigade Rescue, Peanuts, as he was called, was Jack’s third Boston. "I was specifically looking for another Boston, but I had to change his name right away to Skippy," said Jack. "All my Bostons have been named Skippy, and I really like that name." And, the name turned out to be especially fitting for the happy little dog.