“Happy” Times at the Pet Shop

by T. C. Lotempio

In my new series, Urban Tails Pet Shop, the main character, former actress Shell McMillan, inherits a pet shop from her Aunt Tillie. How did I happen to decide on a pet shop for Shell’s profession? Well, I confess, poor Shell had quite a few occupations before I hit on Pet Shop. And the main reason for doing so was that an editor at the time wanted a series set in one. But once I started writing it, old memories came flooding back. I’ve had some pretty good times in pet shops.

Queer Mystery Coming Attractions: May 2022

by Matt Lubbers-Moore

In early 2014, I wrote to the publishing company MLR in the hopes they could put me in touch with Richard Stevenson. I had fallen in love with his Donald Strachey series and had just finished collecting the first editions of his books and had hoped he would be willing to sign them for me. Laura was kind enough to forward my email on to him, but unfortunately, he was in Cambodia at the time, as he often was during winter.

Crime Writers of Color Coming Attractions: April-June 2022

by Elizabeth Wilkerson

When I lived in Tokyo in the ‘80s, I devoured mystery books faster than conveyor belt sushi. But even in the largest bookstores in the world's largest city, English-language mysteries were hard to come by. The books were invariably exiled to a lonely corner in the far reaches of the store. I picked through the desolate shelves, hoping to find a few overlooked titles.

KRL Could Use Your Help

by Lorie Lewis Ham

The past two years have been hard for everyone so I hesitated to write this post, but have been encouraged by others to do so. So I am going to let our wonderful and loyal readers and listeners know what is up here at KRL, as I feel like you are a part of the KRL family. We couldn’t do any of this without you!

A Dismal Harvest By Daisy Bateman: Review/Giveaway/Guest Post

by Kathleen Costa
& Daisy Bateman

One door closed on thirty-something Claudia Simcoe, a computer programmer in San Francisco, who found herself unemployed with a disgruntled boyfriend. She could control her employment problem with another job, eventually, but solving the boyfriend issue would require some sacrifice. Another door opened when she found a buyer for the house she owned, but shared with the boyfriend, then packed up and headed north, telling the ex that he’d have to negotiate his continued residence with the new owners. Did I hear a mic drop?



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