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by Sunny Frazier

The heat has got us all down and fall can’t come soon enough. It seems publishers are impatient too as these witch mysteries can’t wait for Halloween. Plus, Kings River Life’s own Lorie Lewis Ham has started a new series as well!


by Cynthia Chow

When this thrilling novel opens, young Monica Bennett is thrilled to be on an Egyptian archeological dig usually reserved only for advanced graduate students. Enchanted as the gifted Monica is with the 1470 BC Hatshepsut’s Mortuary Temple of one of the few ruling queens, Monica is just as charmed by the handsome Teaching Assistant Colin Vine. After a day spent seeing the exotic sights and attractions of Luxor, they are abruptly hurtled into a car accident that leaves them bruised and Colin arrested.


Finding Fatal Fungi

IN THE August 25 ISSUE

FROM THE 2021 Articles,
andMysteryrat's Maze

by Maddie Day

Thanks so much to Kings River Life Magazine for inviting me to stop by today! I am beyond thrilled that No Grater Crime, my twenty-fifth novel, released on August 24. It’s also the ninth Country Store Mystery. For regular readers, rest assured the series continues after this book.


by Cynthia Chow
& Gretchen Archer

As Bellissimo Resort and Casino’s covert security agent and frequent celebrity body double for the self-centered and vain Bianca Sanders, Davis Way Cole often finds herself in absurd and dangerous situations. Being stuffed in a motorhome basement is a first though, especially since she has also been “adultnapped” with her fellow operative Fantasy Erb and an extremely eccentric golf caddy named Mango Matisse. While Davis initially assumes that she has mistakenly been taken in place of the billionaire’s wife Bianca, information arduously pulled from the trivia-spouting Mango quickly proves otherwise.


by Sandra Murphy

Ally Winter, DVM, moved home to Willow Bluff, Wisconsin, to restart her life after her fiancé and business partner imploded their successful practice. He emptied their joint accounts, skipped to Mexico with their veterinary assistant, and left Ally holding the bag. Now she’s sitting in her new office, hoping the phone will ring.


by Sharon Tucker

Howard Fast, one of the blacklisted authors who survived the McCarthy area, wrote more than eighty novels in his career, but the ones I know best are his Masao Matsuto series written between 1967 and 1984. Doing a little research on him, I recognized the titles some of his historical novels but found these listed in one of the book newsletters we all get and was intrigued.

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by Cynthia Chow

After the death of her best friend’s mother, Riley Rhodes returned to her hometown of Penniman, Connecticut, to help Caroline recover and assist in running the late Elizabeth “Buzzy” Spooner’s Udderly Delightful Ice Cream Shop. Scooping out delicious layered confections in waffle cones is a delight on its own, but it also gives Riley an escape from a career mistake. Her job as a librarian and travel blogger had actually been going well, but it was a snafu working undercover for the CIA that revealed a lack of judgment and misplaced trust.


by Matt Lubbers-Moore

Recently I have taken to republishing the works of Fergus Hume, a gay nineteenth-century writer of mysteries, goth romances, and fantasy novels. Some are easy for me to republish and some take me a lot of work, but those that are the hardest for me are sometimes the most fun as they require a lot more research and double checking the first editions to the scanned copies.


by Sandra Murphy

Emily Grace runs Graceland School’s summer camp. This year, Davey, now fifteen, is a counselor and Kevin, age five, a camper. Emily is more than careful with her charges so Melanie isn’t worried—until weird things happen, like a truck rolling downhill by itself, a kitchen fire in a stove that’s never used, and more.


by Kathleen Costa

The Blossom Festival is the weekend’s big event in Normal, Kentucky, but having both Dottie Swaggert, the camp manager, and Mary Elizabeth, Mae’s adoptive mother, vying for Ms. Blossom, sixty and up category, might at best add some fun, but at worst challenge everyone’s sanity. Mae tries to be impartial, but does offer her adoptive mother some fashion advice. Nevertheless, she decides to take refuge among the tourists enjoying the festival booths set up in downtown Normal.


by Cynthia Chow

After cashing out her work as a software product developer, Antonia “Toni” Carey has comfortably settled into a life working from home in Los Angeles as a trade magazine freelance writer. A note from her beloved Uncle Horace sends her on a visit to Loma Vista, where she has fond memories of spending her childhood with him and his beehives. Meeting her at his home instead of Uncle Horace is San Bernardino County Sheriff detective Peter Martin, who delivers the shocking news that Horace Carey is lying in a coma in the local hospital. Apparently the victim of a robbery, Peter and Toni have their suspicions not due to a smoking gun, but smoking bees.


by Nancy Nau Sullivan

Stan was the muscular star quarterback of my high school class. Karen was a sweet, pretty, varsity cheerleader, and the love of his life. Though rather cliché at first blush, they were an item in their teenage years, but real life sent them in different directions, to different spouses and careers…though they didn’t stray far from their home town. Stan even became high school principal.


August Mystery Catchup!


FROM THE 2021 Articles,
andMysteryrat's Maze,
andSandra Murphy

by Sandra Murphy

This week we have even more mysteries for your summer reading-A Fatal Footnote: A Open Book Mystery by Margaret Loudon, Beauty Expos Are Murder: A Poppy McAllister Mystery by Libby Klein, Death of an Irish Mummy: The Dublin Driver Mystery by Catie Murphy, and Draw and Order: A Paint & Shine Mystery by Cheryl Hollon.


by Sandra Murphy

Mace Reid lives with four dogs, trained to find dead bodies, aka cadaver dogs. And then there’s Billie Joe, a bloodhound pup with a habit of finding poop to roll in, no matter where he is. He only has to be out of sight for a minute.


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