Bonnie Cardone

Murder Dives the Caribbean By Bonnie J. Cardone

by Cynthia Chow

It should have been the dream vacation. A part-time forensic photographer in Cliffview, California, Cinnamon Greene was invited by her boyfriend Danny to a free trip to Bonamer Island courtesy of his old diving instructor, Ryan Miller. Ryan and his wife own the SeaSide Inn, and when guests cancelled he offered Danny their room along with the opportunity to swim in the gorgeous Caribbean waters. On a night dive off of the Town Pier Cinnamon and Danny encounter a corpse along with the advertised sea life, but the local authorities are dubious when the body disappears before it can be recovered.

Murder Dives the Bahamas: By Bonnie J. Cardone

by Cynthia Chow

If you’re going to ever be lost at sea, there’s no better or more original way for your body to be retrieved than by dolphins. After a mercurial trip where famed photographer Tom Tiburon managed to anger everyone on board and subsequently disappeared on one of his routine unauthorized night dives, his body was actually carried back to the Dolphin Diver II by bottlenose dolphins.

Shark Bait: A Mystery Short Story

by Bonnie Cardone

The great white shark appeared minutes after Danny and I climbed into the underwater cage. The animal was at least 15 feet long yet neither of us saw it until it was right in front of us. That was unnerving. As it swam slowly by, inches from the stainless steel bars that kept us off its menu, I got an up-close and personal view of a cold black eye and a row of large, jagged teeth. The chills that ran down my spine had nothing to do with the water temperature.



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