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black cats

Are All Black Cats Bad Luck?

IN THE October 19 ISSUE

FROM THE 2019 Articles,
andMysteryrat's Maze,

by Elaine Faber

Halloween is right around the corner, and people are decorating with pumpkins, witches, goblins, and black cats. My name is Black Cat, but I’m not “All Black” because I have a white chest and white feet. My cousin cats who are “All Black” have a much tougher time fitting into society. They’re the most likely to be left behind at the shelter because many people think they bring bad luck.


by Lorie Lewis Ham

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by Lupe Gore

This month’s article is about three very special black cats who were pulled by Feral Paws Rescue from the CCSPCA in Fresno, California.

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by Lupe Gore

It’s October, and that means Halloween is coming! With Halloween come ghosts, pumpkins, all things creepy and, of course, black cats. Now, there are superstitions about black cats and bad luck—which aren’t true at all. However, those superstitions still keep many people from adopting a black cat. Thankfully, for many black cats who were overlooked at kill shelters and given a death sentence, Feral Paws Rescue stepped in and saved their lives.


by Lee Juslin

One day, while opening my latest shipment from Chewy, lifting out the box of cat food, and putting aside the much prized, best-cat-toy-in-the-world kraft paper, I found a sample of Friskies cat treats.


by Lupe Gore

Everyone loves kittens…that is, every cat lover loves kittens. So when there are kittens up for adoption at the shelter, usually they are adopted pretty quickly, unless they are black. Multi-color younger adults also have a good chance of finding a forever home. Adult blacks, especially if they are rather large, are the last to be adopted. Sadly, that is a fact.


by Lupe Gore

As October brings thoughts of Halloween and black cats, I am writing about the beauty of black cats, that they are not to be feared, that they are the most loving cats and, most of all, that they should be kept indoors so they cannot be harmed by those with evil intent.


by Ron Van Sweringen

Buddy woke Mike Williams at four-thirty in the morning, during a cloudburst. The hands on the glow in the dark alarm clock on the nightstand said it was past the point of no return. By the time he let the little Cairn Terrier out, it would be useless trying to go back to sleep. No, like it or not Mike Wilson was up to stay, facing another jobless day.

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The L’il Cat That Could

IN THE September 8 ISSUE

FROM THE 2012 Articles,
andLee Juslin,

by Lee Juslin

We keep bowls of food and water just inside our garage for neighborhood feral cats. The roster of these wild cats is ever changing, and I try not to think of what happens to the ones we no longer see coming to eat. We just do what we can.


Black Cats

IN THE October 22 ISSUE

FROM THE 2011 Articles,
andHelping Hands,
andJames Garcia Jr.,

by James Garcia Jr.

When I was young, my family adopted a black kitten. We didn’t have it very long. As I recall, we thought at the time that some neighborhood children had kicked it. Whatever happened, the animal did not survive the experience. My father is a retired Kingsburg Police Lieutenant and heard stories of black cats being thrown into churches. He recalled one story in particular where a black cat had been thrown into someone’s back yard during a party, in order to elicit some negative reaction.


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