Don’t Forget the Girl

by Rebecca McKanna

In my novel, Don’t Forget the Girl, one of the central themes is vulnerability - when and how we let people really see us. One of the characters, Chelsea, allows people to misinterpret her sexuality. Her most formative romantic relationship was with a woman when she was a teenager. However, they kept it a secret, and once the other woman died, Chelsea never felt right telling that story. With that omission of her romantic history, people read her as straight rather than bi, and she never corrects that misconception, even though sometimes it feels lonely.

The Last Place You Look By Kristen Lepionka: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by Doward Wilson

Meet PI Roxane Weary. She is dealing with her cop father's recent death on the job by trying to drink herself into oblivion every day. As her bank account runs low, her brother sends her his friend who is trying to save her brother from execution. Fifteen years ago Brad Stockton's beautiful blonde girlfriend, Sarah Cook, disappeared, and her parents were brutally murdered. No trace of her has been found since that night until Brad's sister tells Roxane that she saw her at a neighborhood gas station and begs Roxane to try and find her and get her brother acquitted.

The Journey of a Beautiful Bipolar Bisexual Woman

by Maricela Estrado

I always thought that living with a mental illness was the hardest thing I ever faced in my life, but coming out was just as hard. I struggled to discover who I really was and what I wanted. Was I bi-curious, bisexual, or lesbian? It was all too perplexing. Coming out of the closet exacerbated the severity of my mental illness. I wondered if God loved me even though I was bisexual.