Sunnyside Bicycles & 2nd Annual Reedley Police Appreciation Ride

by Vanessa McCracken

Sunnyside Bicycles and Xcelerate Fitness have partnered up once again to host the 2nd Annual Reedley Police Appreciation Ride on April 29, 2017! Join us for fun, food, and fitness as we come together to say thank you to the police department for all they do to support the community. The festivities start at 9:30 a.m. at Xcelerate Fitness in Reedley—555 I Street.

Sunnyside Bicycles: Best Buddies in the Central Valley

by Vanessa McCracken

What could be better than a bike ride along the Pacific Coast Highway, with ocean views, rest stops, and support vehicles the whole way?
How about a huuuge party at Hearst Castle, after getting a post-ride hot shower and free massage on the beach! And a free up-close-and-personal concert by performers like the Beach Boys or the Black Eye Peas!

Sunnyside Bicycles: Staying Visible

by Vanessa McCracken

Mention to people that you ride bikes and undoubtedly someone will respond with, “There’s no way I’d ride my bike in the street with all those crazy drivers!” It would be irresponsible for me to pretend like distracted drivers aren’t a cause for concern. Of course they are—whether you’re on a bike or in a car, I might add! I’m just not willing to live my life in a protective bubble paralyzed by the fear of what if. As with most things in life, riding is a calculated risk. I take very intentional precautions, and then I confidently go out and enjoy the freedom that only riding brings me. I want to share some of the safety measures I take that give me peace of mind while I’m out on the road.

Sunnyside Bicycles: Earth Day & Bicycles

by Vanessa McCracken

We have a sign in our front window that reads, “The bicycle is a simple solution to some of the world’s most complicated problems.” With Earth Day approaching on April 22, we are reminded just how true this statement is. Earth Day is a chance to bring renewed attention and energy to what should be an everyday conversation for those of us living in the Central Valley: What can we each personally do to help improve the quality of air that we and our loved ones are breathing?



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