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Sunnyside Bicycles: Summer Fun!

by Vanessa McCracken

Happy Summer! After the unusually rainy start to 2017, many of you are probably just now pulling your bikes out of the garage for the first time this year. Whether you’re getting your bikes ready for neighborhood bike rides, camping trips, or to escape the heat and ride the trails in Central Coast, I have a few recommendations to help you have the safest, most enjoyable experience possible.

Sunnyside Bicycles: Nighttime Riding

by Vanessa McCracken

We almost hit a bicyclist last night. As we were driving home, we came up on a guy riding his bike in the dark, wearing all-black clothing, with just one faint flashing red taillight. Carrying a backpack and riding a commuter-style bike, he was clearly on the narrow, unlit country road because he was on his way home from work or school. Luckily, we saw him at the last minute and were able to give him his three feet as we safely passed him.