Down in the Valley: Pop-Punk Nostalgia with Mindless Society

by Sarah Peterson-Camacho

Nostalgia is the musical mood of the moment here in the Central Valley, as the coronavirus pandemic stretches on into its second, devastating year. And bringing back that iconic pop-punk sound is Fresno band Mindless Society, including lead vocalist/guitarist Vic Cappelletty, bassist/vocalist Josh “Shua” Lara, and drummer Nico “Wizzle” Jacinto.

Live with LaVida: A Local Band Q&A

by Sarah Peterson-Camacho

Becoming a band in the middle of a pandemic might seem like a long shot to some, but to the members of Fresno band LaVida, it’s been more of a sure shot instead. Weaving together a variety of musical styles and beats, vocalist/bassist Jared Cato, guitarist Christian Viscarra, and drummer Miguel Padilla have crafted a genre of their very own.

New Band Director Lee Schneider at Reedley High School

by Asami Nelson

A new band director is welcomed into the Big Green Marching Machine as Lee Schneider makes her way into Reedley High School from Rock Valley, Iowa. She previously taught middle school bands in the Rock Valley Community School District where she spent most of her time teaching small group lessons or even individual ones. Schneider earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education and her Master’s in Clarinet Performance from the University of South Dakota.

Magic in the Air: Q and A with Local Selma Band Prestige

by Sarah Peterson-Camacho

A magic trick consists of three parts--the pledge (the set-up), the turn (the trick), and the prestige (the magic, where the unbelievable becomes believable)--but there's also a certain nostalgia involved, for a time when anything seems possible. The same can be said of the Central Valley's Prestige, a band that conjures the real magic that a stage magician's trick can only imitate.



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