Korn Valley Music Heroes Return for Amazing Sold Out Show

by Steven Sanchez

You hear the tapping sounds on a ride cymbal, the strums of a guitar, then chiming in is a funky bassline, accompanied by a second riff from a guitar, this continues on and builds up until you hear a guttural and primal scream shouting, “Are you ready?” These are the rhythms and lyrics stitched to the song “Blind,” that belongs to the band, Korn.

June Concerts Galore…And More to Come

by Steven Sanchez

It’s July, which means that summer is in full swing! The triple digit heat is amongst us which leaves us scrambling for activities to participate in to keep cool. There are those that’ve been indulging in pool swimming, barbequing, summer blockbuster binging, and the list goes on. Speaking for myself, I’ve occupied my time pursuing all the top concerts in the Central Valley.

There is No Secret—STYX Has Still Got It

by Steven Sanchez

One of the defining hits for the classic rock band Styx is “Fooling Yourself” (The Angry Young Man), and it has a lyric that goes, “And you're fooling yourself if you don't believe it. You're kidding yourself if you don't believe it.” For the 1,500 fans that attended the Styx concert at the Bakersfield Fox Theater on January 15, there was no fooling or kidding them to believe that even after 40-plus years in the music business, the Chicago rock ensemble continues to thrive, and their live show is proof of that.

Bakersfield Collector-Con

by Steven Sanchez

Ask all the avid comic book readers, film buffs, toy collectors, video game players, and costume-wearing aficionados who love to play dress-up year-round, what’s the most popular gathering for this unique crew of individuals to congregate, only one place comes to mind: San Diego Comic-Con International.

Arvin’s First Community Center

by David L. Norris

Arvin’s first community center did not have a roof. As a matter of a fact, it did not have any walls either. It had trees. I am referring to the DiGiorgio Community Park. In the 1950’s, the park was many things to everyone in the community. It was a place for reunions, weddings, receptions, church gatherings, revival meetings, movies, swimming, baseball, basketball, football practice, roller-skating, Recreation Center games and of course long afternoon naps in the shade.



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