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by Marilyn Meredith
& C. L. Shore

The story centers around the kidnapping of a concert pianist who disappears before the rehearsal of an important concert. The author is an artist of words when it comes to showing the anguish Ally, the kidnapped woman, experiences. Set in Australia, the different word usage is an added plus as are the descriptions of the unfamiliar places.

First Animal War Memorial in Queensland, Australia

by Diana Hockley

On Sunday, May 27, I accompanied a friend who runs Destiny Donkey Rescue, to the service commemorating animals in war and the unveiling of the first memorial dedicated to animals serving in war. We took two donkeys, Henry – who carries the colors of the Medical Corp, awarded to him by Australia’s Governor General in a ceremony in 2011 – and Wombat.

The Art Of Sulking

by Diana Hockley

I rarely sulk, but when given to do so, it is necessary to make sure that it is done everywhere.
The lounge room is a good place if there is anyone else at home, as those in the house can't miss what is going on. The loo is an excellent place to sulk, but only if my husband Andrew, the two cats and our four pet rats all know that I am in there expressly for the purpose of sulking.

Mouse Circus Extraordinaire

by Diana Hockley

Male mice brawling like dock workers in the back of the van is not a sight with which many people become accustomed, but you can get used to anything.
In 1996, my husband, Andrew and I were living on 35 acres, a few minutes outside the country town of Boonah in southeast Queensland, Australia.