Anne Louise Bannon

Researching Technology

by Anne Louise Bannon

Google used to think that I was a 35-year-old male. I was in my mid-50s at the time, and I’m a cisgendered female, so I found this revelation highly amusing. Google’s algorithms have gotten a lot better, so sadly, the jig is up on that one. But the reason Google got confused back then was that I was into reading a site called

Making a Book a Serial

by Anne Louise Bannon

A lot of years ago (we won’t get into exactly how many), I wrote a light romance that just would not end. So, in the early days of blogging, I thought what the heck, and turned the book, White House Rhapsody, into a fiction blog. I already had a now-defunct TV blog.

Keeping All the Voices Straight

by Anne Louise Bannon

I mostly write historical mysteries, although the short story that appeared in Mystery Most Theatrical, Perfectly Awry, is a contemporary setting. But I do have two historical series and one almost historical series. Which is why I was asked not too long ago, how do I keep all my time frames straight?