Annamaria Alfieri

Coming Attractions: Beach Edition

by Sunny Frazier

Ah, summer! A chance to lie in the sun coated with sunscreen and read. Quench your thirst for a good story with these novels: KRL “fave,” Nancy J. Parra has a new series out featuring event planner/sleuth, Pepper Pomeroy. A surprise marriage proposal and getaway for her sister gets hijacked at a private airport when a man's body is found in the women's restroom. Does the fiancé have more to hide than an engagement ring? Pepper's on the case! Engaged in Murder is available in trade and on Kindle.

Blood Tango By Annamaria Alfieri

by Sunny Frazier

It is impossible to write a mystery set in Argentina in 1945 without pulling in the politics of the period. It's also hard not to have the larger-than-life figures of Juan Peron and Evita Duarte dominate other characters. Author Annamaria Alfieri manages to juggle all these elements and still keep the story of a young woman's murder in the forefront.