Ann Parker

Dead Men (usually) Tell No Tales: Pirates and a Secret in the Wall

by Ann Parker

Who doesn't perk up at the mention of a rollicking good tale of pirates, hidden treasure, and high-seas high jinks and daring-do? In The Secret in the Wall, the newest book of my Silver Rush historical series set in early 1882 San Francisco, pirates are a primary motivator for one of my continuing characters, Antonia Gizzi, to start sleuthing seriously. Antonia, the young ward of my protagonist Inez Stannert, has been known to muddle about and get in trouble in some of my earlier books.

Coming Attractions: Countdown To Left Coast Crime Part 5

by Sunny Frazier

California's much needed rain is not dampening excitement for LCC Monterey. Here are more of the authors to look for at the event:
NYPD Det. Max(ine) Maguire's assignment is to protect a wine critic who received a death threat. When the woman is killed, Max must team up with a French official she fell for while solving a murder in Champagne.