Animal Compassion Team of California

What’s Your Story? An Animal Rescue Adventure

by Joyce Brandon

Driving down the hill last night a brown blur darted across the road in front of us. My husband said, “Look, a coyote!” Upon closer inspection, it soon became obvious it wasn’t a coyote but a terrified brown Chihuahua. He was running as fast as he could and I could see him open-mouth breathing and knew in a flash this was a dog in serious trouble. The only fate awaiting him on this rural mountain road was going to be a collision with a car or he was going to become supper for a hungry coyote. I pulled over as quickly as was safe and got out of my car hoping I would be successful in catching him.

A Look Back: Updates On Animal Rescue Adventures Of The Past

by Joyce Brandon

I thought it would be fun this month to look back over a year’s worth of articles and give you some updates on a few of my favorite stories. Time doesn’t stand still and neither does rescue. As soon as we finish with one need, the next is waiting; more often than not they overlap. We bury the sad and celebrate the happy: that is how we manage to keep going.

Tippy Toes, Sanger’s Gal About Town: An Animal Rescue Adventure

by Joyce Brandon

Imagine being fifteen pounds and about eighteen inches tall: your line of vision is equal to the kneecaps of most humans, and the tires of most cars.
Imagine living on the streets for eight months: through rain, hail, fog, cold, and heat of summer. Imagine having no steady source of food or shelter. Imagine a life focused on survival. Imagine surviving on the kindness of others. This is Tippy Toes' story, that was Tippy Toes' life.