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Juno, A Little Chihuahua With A Big Heart: An Animal Rescue Adventure

by Deborah Young

Juno, a six-pound Chihuahua and the pack leader of Juno's Place on Facebook, was adopted when she was two months old (and sick with pneumonia!). I nursed her back to health and now the little Chihuahua is a goodwill icon, doing big things with a huge heart and personality. Juno works patiently and tirelessly with children and adults, teaching them kindness and respect toward animals—and, in the process, kindness and respect toward each other as well.

Rescue 911: An Animal Rescue Adventure

by Joyce Brandon

Ninety-nine percent of rescue work is consumed with taking pets that for one reason or another have lost their home and need a new one. The drill is pretty much the same, assess, vet, foster, and find that happily ever after. It is fabulous work, and is a job we take very seriously. Most of the animals in our care were facing death sentences: they either came from a shelter or were on their way there. We love saving lives!



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