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Ang Pompano

by Lorie Lewis Ham

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by Ang Pompano

Gabby Newman crept through her backyard watching the lantern in the tent turn her brother Steven, and his friend Miles, into shadow puppets. Steven was telling the same old story of the headless ghost.

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The Greatest Detectives of All


FROM THE 2020 Articles,
andMysteryrat's Maze

by Ang Pompano

Thanks so much to Lorie Lewis Ham for inviting me here today. Over the years, I’ve written about many detectives in my short stories. All of them, both male and female, were in some way classic damaged gumshoes. Al DeSantis and his father, Big Al, in my debut novel, When It’s Time for Leaving, are no exceptions. Al and his father have history and not all of it is good.


by Ang Pompano

The first time I laid eyes on the well-seasoned lovebirds was in a hotel lounge overlooking the Boston Common. Her lipstick too red and his lapels too wide for 2015, they were having the time of their lives doing the Bossa Nova like it was still in style.


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