The Host: Movie Review

by Lorie Lewis Ham

I once again find myself seeing a movie based on a book, which I have not read, so I can't attest to its faithfulness to the book, though I did notice that the author of the book, Stephanie Meyer, was involved with this movie. So judging this movie on its own merits, The Host was a good movie, which I recommend.

Battle: Los Angeles: Movie Review

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Taking the whole family to see this movie provided me with an interesting perspective that I normally don’t get when doing a review. My 18 year old daughter hated the movie and thought it was pointless, my 54 year old husband thought it was too loud and a waste of time, my 16 year old son loved it, and I (I won’t give you my age but let’s say I’m a few years younger than my husband lol) enjoyed it but didn’t think it was great.



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