Alexandra Walters

Deadly Discrimination: Chapter 16

by Lorie Lewis Ham

We had our fill of football by the beginning of the last quarter—Kensington was slaughtering Kingsbury High. Thankfully, I’d had the time to pick up some cheap tires earlier in the day, so Stephen dropped me off at my bike and I rode over to the radio station; thanks to the headlight the church had purchased for my bike I was able to ride it at night.

Deadly Discrimination: Chapter 15

by Lorie Lewis Ham

The last football game I had been to was in high school, more years ago than I cared to think about. It was the Saints game where my dad bought me the cap. As a teenager, I played baseball and later discovered ice hockey—which was now my personal favorite. But this particular football game was yet another Kingsbury tradition just as important to the town as the Fiesta.

Deadly Discrimination: Chapter 13

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Stephen was already at a table perusing a menu when I arrived at Main Street. “Find anything that suites your picky palate?” He looked up and frowned. “I think I’ll try the spaghetti. I’m sure it’s just as good as Mama’s,” he said sarcastically.



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