Winter’s End By Paige Shelton: Review/Giveaway

by Sandra Murphy

In Benedict, Alaska, cabins are few and far between. Even in town, there’s rarely what could be called a crowd—except on Death Walk Day. Gril, the local law, began pushing the idea a few years ago. Everyone is required to report in come spring, just so he knows they’re still alive. After all, an exceptional snowfall, bitter cold, unexpected encounter with a bear, or a slip and fall, could be fatal. He says, just show up, check your name off the list, and you can go about your business for another year.

Cold Wind By Paige Shelton: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by Sandra Murphy

Beth Rivers is in hiding. She’s a thriller writer who came close to the same fate as her characters. Kidnapped, held for three days, injured badly, and suffering memory loss, she left the hospital and chose as her hiding place, the most remote area she could find—Benedict, Alaska. So far, it’s worked. Only a handful of people know how to reach her and most of them don’t know her location.

Hell and High Water By Keenan Powell: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by Sandra Murphy

Maeve Malloy is an attorney in Alaska, complete with endless hours, never enough sleep, and, as a defense attorney, some really nasty clients. When she manages to get a not guilty vote for one, based on a witness statement, she’s pleased—until she finds an overlooked note that proves the witness perjured himself. When her former client kills someone, the bar association comes after Maeve.

Alaskan Wilderness

by Karen Lewis

Out of all the seasons we chose to go to Alaska it had to be one of the worst winters for snow ever. Here we were in the back of a car after being picked up from the airport in a blinding blizzard. The snow was piled up high at the sides of the road and some cars must have ran into problems and were stuck. We continued on our journey through the dazzling but heavy snow storm to the B&B where we were planning to stay for a while.



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