2012 Reedley High School Graduation

Jackie Dale—TheCatMother/Cat Trapper: So Many Cats, So Happy for Transports, So Very Busy

by Jackie Dale

This time last month I was up to my eyeballs in cats and kittens. Noodles, Klinger, and Vivienne were no longer containable in the bathtub, and my husband, though extremely tolerant of sharing the bathroom, was growing weary of their antics. There was the usual unrolling of the toilet paper, scattering of cat litter on the floor, and the emptying of the waste basket onto the floor, but when they started jumping on the legs of the unlucky seated person, things got serious. I clipped all their sharp little claws, but they were still inflicting scratches on those brave enough to enter. We have two bathrooms, but the second one is small and also had a cat in it.

Virtual Read To A Dog

by Lorie Lewis Ham

These are strange times and we are all trying to adjust. Shannon Escobedo and her two therapy dogs, Doxie and Fozzy, used to go to two Fresno County Libraries, one of them being Reedley, and the kids could read to the dogs. But of course that isn’t happening now, so Shannon started a virtual version. I chatted with her recently about the Read to a Dog Program, and about this new twist.

2012 Reedley High School Graduation

by Kristalyn Patzkowski

Graduation was a time of great excitement and anticipation! There were rehearsals to attend, and friends and teachers to say farewell to. As the final days turned into hours, and hours turned into minutes before we had to proceed to our seats on the Reedley High School football field, my classmates and I were starting to feel the sting of nervousness. I, who had the duty of being the featured speaker of the evening, was feeling that nervousness the most.