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Story Time
Weds @ 10:00 a.m.

Bring your little ones! We will be having someone read a story or folktale. It will be very interactive with audience participation.

If you’re looking for a particular title, be sure to ask our staff. We have more inventory in our warehouse. We also do special orders!

Karlene Ryan

Books & Art by Author & Artist

Thursday, December 19th, 5pm-8pm.

640 Clovis Ave.

Dinosaur Show With….
Steven Hammond!

Saturday, December 14th, 10am-11am.

Ribbett the Frog
Jon Latham and Steven Hammond

Saturday, December 14th, 1pm-2pm

640 Clovis Ave.

December Author Festival

Saturday, December 7th.

Children’s Authors 10:00am-11:30am

Adult Authors 1:00pm-2:30pm

640 Clovis Ave.

This year we will be splitting up our author fair to conserve space and increase interaction between the writers and guests! During the morning hours of 10:00-11:30am we will be hosting children’s authors which consists of picture books, chapter books, and some Young Adult novels.

During the afternoon between 1:00pm-2:30pm we will be displaying the Valley’s adult writers, encompassing both fiction and non-fiction.

All authors will be selling their own novels. We will have parking outside, however it will also be the Children’s Christmas parade that day so some streets will be closed off. There is also public parking behind the Centennial Park.

Children’s Authors 10:00am-11:30am:

Vicki Thomas

Oct. 21, 2019
vickithomas@sti.net (mailto:vickithomas@sti.net)


More than a decade ago, writing fantasy for young adults struck me like a cyclone. My passion for writing and creating characters and creatures drove me to produce seven hand-written books, which I’m now rewriting and editing. The First book in the Relics Adventure series is The Long Dark Cloak; the second book is The Golden Lantern, which was released in late March, 2019. Book three, The Kings Scepter is nearly written and promises another exciting adventure for my protagonist, Ivan Kimble, who enters the mystical West Forest in Southern England to find his older brother.
It should be no surprise that JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, is my main inspiration, as well as C.S. Lewis and Tolkien. To help keep the characters straight in my protagonist’s dangerous journey, and since I’m an artist, I sketched pictures/scenes and drew a map to guide me. The map is reproduced in the beginning of each book.
My thanks to HBE Publishing for publishing the first two books in this series and going on the mystical journey with me.


Kathy Howell

Kathy Goosev Howell was raised in California, the daughter of Russian immigrant parents. English was Kathy’s second language.

As she grew up she enjoyed mixing Russian and English together to create new words and crazy sentences. “Words have always fascinated me,” she says.

During her college years she had two passions, teaching and writing. She was an elementary school teacher for over 25 years.

Kids, reading, writing, and the color purple have inspired her to write stories and have them published.

Kathy is married to her husband, Pete. They enjoy traveling and being grandparents to Connor.

Lynda Bulla

Lynda Bulla grew up in southern California and has resided in a small farming community of Fresno County for 53 years. She lives with her husband on a ranch where the open fields have inspired many poems and stories.

She has worked for Fresno County Library at the Tranquillity branch of over 10 years. She was a substitute teacher and is now a real estate broker in Kerman. She has a B.A. in liberal studies from University of California, Fresno. It was during her return to college in 1980 that she discovered her love for writing.

She also has 7 picture books she has published with two more in the works at present. Her books include, Old Clock on the Wall, Katydid, The Churkendoose, Freedom Rings, Little Drop of Water, Tony is a Hero, and Under the Big Yellow Leaf, and her newest The Blank of Miracles.

Kimberly Horg

Kimberly K. Horg earned her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Humboldt State University and recently went back to school to obtain a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from California State University, Fresno. She has written articles on a variety of subjects which includes different topics concerning children. Oggie’s Adventure to the Sea is the second children’s book Kimberly has written. To read more of her work visit www.kimberlyhorg.com (https://clovisbookbarn.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=b9e399026fa2735183e1376b5&id=f28e05d584&e=e686c05737) .

Kathleen Gorman works part time as a reading intervention teacher in Golden Valley Unified School District. She also supports new teachers who are earning their teaching credentials through the Madera Induction Consortium. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, a Master’s Degree in Reading and Language Arts, and a Reading Specialist Credential. Her professional writing experience includes: a curriculum guide partnered with the literature book, Remembering the California Missions, two picture books Twisty Green Monster and How Far is Heaven, and several personal memoirs about her family, profession, and friends published in the Fresno Bee. She is an active member of the California Reading Association (CRA), and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, (SCBWI.)

Adult Authors 1:00pm-2:30pm:

Susan Lowe

Susan Lowe was born in Fresno, California, a first generation American on her mother’s side. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist with an MS in counseling from CSUF and has over twenty-eight years’ experience working with clients, many suffering from trauma. Lowe has taught psychology related courses at the Junior College, bachelors, and master’s levels. In addition, she served as county behavioral health compliance officer for several years. Realizing that her mother had lived through an often-untold portion of history, she wanted to honor both the living and dead of those horrific events, by sharing their true story. JOSIE: A Story of Faith and Survival, ages 11 – adult is her first book. Her second book, Josie Dreams of Freedom, ages 8 -10, is currently under contract. Lowe is married and currently lives in Central California.

Josie: A Story of Faith and Survival

When the Nazi’ soldiers leave their small village, four-year-old Josie and her twelve-year-old brother, Andreas, think the bad guys are gone. They are wrong. Soon they realize the only way to survive is to escape—but how?

Anne Biggs

Anne Biggs is the author of The Swan Garden, Garden of Nails, and Shared Gardens written to give a voice to her birth mother and all women who spent time in any of the mother-baby homes throughout Ireland.

She has had the opportunity to meet her birth-mother on various occasions in Ireland. In 2016, she was asked to speak at the Sean Ross Abby Remembrance, where she presented a hard copy of her debut novel to Philomena Lee. In September of the same year she spoke to the Confidential Committee in Dublin, with regards to the mother-baby homes and Irish orphanages. She also spoke before Irish Parliament (Dail Eireanne) with Katherine Zappone, the minister for Children and Youth Affairs, where Anne spoke of her time in Irish institutions during the 1950s, including mother-baby homes, the orphanages, and the foster care system.

Anne taught high school English, and Special Education for 25 years. She currently resides in the Central Valley in California with her husband, her two dogs and three cats. When not writing she spends time with her family, including her two children her three grandchildren. She is currently working on the third novel of the Garden trilogy.

Jon Latham
Born in Ventura County, California, Jon traveled just about everywhere while his family was in search of employment, giving him a broad, worldly view. Part of Jon’s childhood was spent on his parent’s farm outside of Sanger, California. Upon graduation, Jon joined the US Army with hopes of becoming a paratrooper. However, he found he was color challenged and was denied the opportunity. He stuck with his military decision, though, and became a medic. The army experience found him stationed at Fort Ord, California, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, and eventually to 97th general hospital, in Frankfurt, Germany. That is where Jon met a nurse from Minnesota that he felt would be his future wife. However, each attempt to obtain a date was met with “Get lost!”, “Take a hike”, or “Beat it!”. Jon was persistent, however, and the nurse finally relented, allowing Jon to walk her home one day. Today, Jon lives in California’s central valley and continues to write. He is also an avid reader and writes a review
on every book he reads. He posts those reviews on his website and the “Lands of Mother” Facebook page.

The Earth is no longer. The Apocalypse is not what was expected and all life is transferred to a new existence, a new world. Mother. A living, feeling land, very much involved in the day to day lives of her citizens. The King hung his head as he watched his Queen’s head tumble and roll. He felt suddenly filthy. His blade was covered with blood. He tried to think of the means to clean it in an attempt to get his stomach not to heave. “May Mother have mercy on us.” Pamela was dead. The new Queen has landed. In his debut novel, Latham creates a world filled with all the expected human characteristics, but adds the element of an active, caring and passionate ecology.

Tanya Nichols

Tanya Nichols is the author of three works of fiction: Stinger, co-written with Bill McEwen, The Circle Game, and The Barber’s Wife. Her work has appeared in North Carolina Literary Review, Sycamore Review, In the Grove, and San Joaquin Review. Nichols received her MFA in fiction writing from Fresno State University where she now teaches writing and literature courses. She also serves as the coordinator of the Young Writers’ Conference, a creative writing conference for high school students of central California. For more information, see Tanyanichols.net.

Nina Perez-Reed

Enedina “Nina” is an educator, military spouse, writer and motivational speaker. She wrote her first book Out of the Shadows and published it in December 2015. She recently translated it into Spanish. The Spanish book Saliendo de las Sombras was released in January 2016. Nina Perez-Reed began her college education at Reedley College. After receiving her AA in Liberal Studies, she transferred to California State University, Fresno, where she received her BA and MA in Linguistics with an emphasis in English as a Second Language. She has worked at Selma Unified School for twenty five years. She taught Spanish for fourteen years and English Language Development and Introduction to Teaching for five years. She currently works as a high school learning director and volunteers her time at Arte Americas. In recognition of her dedication to the teaching profession, she received the Mexican American Educator of the Year Award in April 2008. In the same year, she received her Administrative Credential
at National University. She resides in Clovis, California with her husband and three sons.

Bill McEwen

Bill McEwen’s journalism career spans nearly 45 years. During that time, his byline has become one of the most recognized and respected in California.

Bill has authored one previous book, It’s a Dry Heat, a collection of Fresno Bee columns that became a local best-seller.

He and his wife, Karen, live in Fresno, California, with a pair of rambunctious herding dogs.

Richard Lake

Richard Lake is a U.S. Patent holder and General Contractor. He has won awards and praises from professionals for his writing. He has over one dozen articles published in his local newspaper to his credit. He remembers the rights we used to have–when a surveillance-state was pure fiction—and when corporate leaders treated front-line employees with respect.
Lake says the best advice he received was, “you want a good story—well written.” He peppers his writings with thought-provoking insights and humor. His debut mid-length thriller is part fiction and part truth. Lake hopes readers will come away both entertained and enlightened.
“It takes devotion and persistence to be a writer,” Lake admits. He’s thankful to God, his editor, cover designer, and all the members of his team for what he hopes will be a successful–yet remain fictional–story.
Born in San Francisco, Lake now resides in central California with his wife and son.
“9-11 2.0 Fool Me Once . . . “ Is available on Amazon and Kindle. Here’s the link; https://clovisbookbarn.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=b9e399026fa2735183e1376b5&id=364132aaab&e=e686c05737
Facebook page link;

Website; https://clovisbookbarn.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=b9e399026fa2735183e1376b5&id=24779e6d1c&e=e686c05737
Cell Phone (559) 304-4943

Gallery II is home to co-owners Pat Hunter and Janice Stevens.
In its early days, the gallery featured Pat’s paintings and art studio
Janice focused on gallery management, marketing, and bookkeeping.
When Janice, armed with a degree in English and having a passion
for writing, suggested they put their creative energies together, an
entirely new creative outlet opened up to them and they began
collaborating on writing and illustrating books.
Now you can enjoy both Pat and Janice’s work through Gallery II
and beyond. When they aren’t working on a new book, both find
time to teach others the skills and crafts they have honed as well
as taking on commissioned and freelance work.

Penelope Childers is a co-author for A Cry of the Heart: Human Trafficking, One Survivor’s True Story. Other publishing credits include SALT magazine, Inspire Christian Writers 2014 Anthology, Focus on the Family’s Club House Magazine, Guideposts, and Chicken Soup for the Soul—Inspiration for Nurses, The Spirit of American, and Best Mom’s Ever. She enjoys mentoring others.

She has received intensive writing training through seven years of writers’ conferences. She skyped a workshop with Amy Newmark, editor of Chicken Soup for the Soul. A key mentor, B.J. Taylor, is best known for her Chicken Soup and Guidepost stories. Penelope has a certificate of completion for an online course with Guideposts. Penelope is an award-winning author. To learn more visit her website at www.penelopechilders.com (https://clovisbookbarn.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=b9e399026fa2735183e1376b5&id=a21c226969&e=e686c05737)

L Garcia Muro was born in Fresno, Ca and raised in West Los Angeles Ca. She was the third to the oldest of nine girls. Her father was a farm laborer in her early years prior to moving the family south; where later she attended Santa Monica High school. On November 10, she will be celebrating 45 years of marriage. They were married in West Los Angeles after her husband returned from the military service. Together they have three beautiful children: Christine, Gina and Brian. They were also blessed with five grandchildren and another blessing on the way. L Garcia Muro retired from the State of California in 2016 after serving 21 years. During her years she enjoyed reading and writing for pleasure and to her surprise found herself publishing her first book “What is True Love in a Marriage “. In 2014, she published her second book “Love Life and Marriage all in God’s Words “. God has been her inspiration to explore outside of her comfort zone. He has given her hope, courage and
strength to reach out to all different hearts of the world with His amazing Words. She feels blessed to have this opportunity to share her thoughts.

This book on marriage aims to guide you to discover or rediscover the love you have for each other. It is the unconditional love we seek in our own relationship.
L. Garcia Muro’s message to all, I love sharing God’s words; He is my savior, teacher, healer, and protector. I live for God and each day I pray for God to continue to bless my marriage. I wrote this book to share God’s words, it doesn’t matter if you have been married one year or 30 years, reading Gods words will only enhance the love you share for one another.

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