Things to Pack In Your Backpack When Taking That Local Day Hike

by staff

Are you ready to go and try out that local day hike you have often heard about? Then there are several things that you need to prepare and pack in your backpack before you head out. Going out for a hike presents you with a great opportunity to explore nature outside. It also helps you to get away from the busy city life and relax your mind and body. Being out in nature helps boost your mood and improve your physical and respiratory health as well.

Being Safe While Traveling

by Maria Ruiz

Before we started traveling, I read every article about traveling and safety. I ordered catalogs offering bags with hidden pockets, belts with hiding places for extra cash, wires and little padlocks to tie all luggage together, shoes with hollow soles, underwear that could be washed out at night and dry by the morning, Tilly hats that would float if dropped in water, etc. There were more and more little things I could buy to be safe and most of what I bought was abandoned as we traveled.

Don’t Wait, Start Your Own Travel and Experience Company Today

by staff

There is no doubt that the travel industry took a major financial hit during the pandemic. People stayed home and put off their vacations for another time. With the world slowly coming back to normal, people have begun traveling again. This means they have been cooped up in their houses for over a year and a half and had plenty of time to think. Thinking was a great way to pass the time and a lot of people started planning vacations and excursions that they would want to go on when they could begin exploring the world once again.

Scientifically Proven Benefits of Travel

by staff

Traveling is a pursuit that nourishes the mind, body, and soul, allowing us to de-stress and rejuvenate from deep within. Have you ever noticed your energies and creativity before and after returning from a trip? The surge of happy hormones is uncanny, and it keeps us focused and motivated for days.

7 Things to Think About When Opening a Bed and Breakfast

by staff

Opening a bed and breakfast is an exciting new business opportunity. You have the potential to reach so many customers and provide so much world-class service. In order to open a bed and breakfast, you really need to make sure that the facility you will use is in tip-top shape. Here are seven things to think about before opening a bed and breakfast.

The Pines Resort is a Family Business For the Choe Family

by Steven Sanchez

The Academy Award-nominated film Minari (2020) tells the story of a family of South Korean immigrants who try to make it in the rural United States during the 1980s. There have been very few stories like that told on the big screen, but the truth of the matter is that there are so many accounts of immigrants coming to this country for a better life and to live the “American Dream.” They come from all walks of life and represent different cultures. That is one of the things that makes this country amazing.

Understanding Different Countries’ Currencies as You Travel

by staff

One of the most important things that you need to know before you travel is what to do with the money that you bring with you. This is a critical element of your experience. Suppose you do not understand the importance of understanding foreign currency exchange while you are abroad. In that case, you could very well be stranded in a foreign country without access to money that you may need to purchase food, clothing, or necessities.

11 Best Hikes to Experience in Beautiful Arizona

by staff

Arizona is an incredibly diverse state with a lot of amazing scenery to explore. The mountains offer spectacular views and wondrous ponderosa pines, and there are many beautiful trails for you to explore on foot. For hikers, this region has a lot to offer. You can stretch your legs by hiking bizarre rock formations, mesas, canyons, and even volcanoes.



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